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Boosting your career and landing your dream job is possible if you have a powerful resume that:

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How many times have you felt that you deserved more and better in your life abroad?

Better quality of life.

Better relationships.

Better job.

More emotional stability.

More money [why not?!]

More happiness.

What if I told you that I can help you with that?

Helping people to develop their full potential, in life and career, is my obsession. We all deserve to feel fulfilled and passionate about what we do, and happy with our life, don't you think?

As your coach, I’m here to provide guidance and support you to design the life and career of your dreams. But let me get this straight, I am not here to tell you what to do.

My commitment is to ask you thought-provoking, powerful [and sometimes uncomfortable] questions to help you go from surviving to thriving by building your best life abroad.

My coaching method is based on simple ingredients: clarity, plan and action.

Be ready to dive into yourself.

Be ready to create a roadmap.

Be ready to do things.


My name is Jessica Morari and I am a certified Life & Career Coach, specialized in Expats.

In a nutshell, I help those living outside their home country shape their experience abroad and make the most of it, both personally and professionally.



Tired of life happening to you instead of you being your own life and career designer?

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A journey to unlock career-defining opportunities with a powerful and consistent personal brand that makes recruiters and companies fall in love with you.

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Mozhan R

Mozhan R.

"I had the privilege of experiencing a session of high-value with Jessica. She has created the possibility to learn invaluable insight in a timely manner without any compromises. Firstly, Jessica started the session by taking the time to understand where I am at in life and where I want to be. Her points were truly eye-opening; she provided practical feedback on my CV and made me realize aspects I hadn't considered before. In addition to pinpointing areas for improvement in my career strategy, she guided me to uncover my true self and values. Her holistic approach doesn't just focus on professional development; it delves into the core of who you are. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone seeking a career coach who seeks to understand you and your experiences and is committed to guiding you not only in your professional journey but also on a path of self-discovery and personal growth."

Matea K

Matea K.

"I absolutely recommend Jessica as a coach, especially for those considering a move abroad, whether for the first or sixth time. Her expertise is particularly beneficial for young graduates seeking a seamless transition into the next chapter of their lives. She is a very professional and friendly person. What I would highlight most about Jessica as a Coach is her total neutrality during the sessions and the questions she asks always go deep to get to the root of the problems or challenges. I have been lucky to experience several changes after working together in both my personal and professional life. Given her homework after each session, it felt great to be able to apply everything we covered in one session right away. I would recommend Jessica to anyone looking for any kind of support in their day to day life, both professionally and personally. Jessica is a great coach. Thank you for everything, Jessica, from my heart and for making me see things that without you I would never have been able to see or transform."

Antonio M

Antonio M.

"Jessica always went the extra mile helping me to understand what I expected from myself, to ask myself the right questions and to understand my reason for being. Thanks to her I understood what I wanted and she helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve, after a few months / managed to enter in one of the most prestigious leagues in the world of luxury hospitality, something I really wanted to achieve and without any doubt it would not have been possible without meeting Jessica and sharing that valuable time with her. I fully recommend Jessica to any professional, expat and dreamer who needs good and experienced professional and personal advice."